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DoDor Services Inc.

DoDor Services Inc. also serves as an employment agency. We are keen on idea that everyone deserves their dream job. Helping you with that process is our team's main focus. Finding your ideal job won't get any easier. We are able to accommodate you with any field of which you are inquiring. See sections below to get a glimpse into what future job you can obtain.

Employment: Renting

Attainable Employment Positions

Art Class




Construction Manager



Restaurant Positions

If you specialize in childcare or feel you would be up for the task we have the perfect fit for you! If you don't mind getting a little messy sometimes, a little loud at times, and a little loving at times, we would be glad to accommodate you.

If you'd like to acquire an occupation that truly allows you to be involved in somebody's everyday life, you've found the right place. We have a buzzing amount of positions in this field.

This is one of our more popular positions as we have a multitude of managing positions. Maybe you're good at maintainability. Maybe you're good at supervision. Maybe you're just good at managing. If that is the case then you would perfectly fit the requirements for one of these many openings.

In this current moment our business has multiple jobs in this field. Things including dishwashers, chefs, and waiters. If you're skillsets match any of these jobs, we believe it would be wise to get in contact with us as we can make this process gladly go by with ease.

Employment: Services

So Much And Much, Much, More!

DoDor Services Inc.

At DoDor Services Inc. we harbor a large variety of occupations. Along with the most common jobs we have the most uncommon and simplest. We do not intend on leaving anyone out and strive to be diverse and incorporative. Therefore anyone and everyone is welcomed here and will hopefully leave with the best experience, and job. 
To list some more of our available occupations, they go as followed: 
After-School leaders, Youth counselors, Teachers Aid, Nurses, Brand Ambassadors, Designers, Social Media Specialist, packaging engineers, etc.

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Employment: About


All You'll Need!

The first thing we would need from you is your time and patience. The second thing is your resume that way we get a good feel on what may be right for you. One of the final things is a signed application, provided in our office. Once we get your process started we will then ask for the necessities. 

Employment: Selling
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Appointment Times

We do accept walk-in's though if you would like to place an appointment with us we will also gladly accept you. Place the day/date you are available in the "comments" section. When we receive your form we will get back to you with a conformation or change.

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

Employment: Submit Your Property
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