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Renter’s Guide

DoDor Services Inc. is a trusted resource for all types of rentals. Finding your next home in NYC has never been so easy. Just contact us today, tell us your specifications and sit back as we discover the perfect property for you. See sections below to inquire more information about the renting process.

Approval Procedures
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Renting: Renting

Standard Requirements

Approximate Cost of  Application Process 

- Application Fee is $20

- State ID, Social Security, W-2, Credit Report, Bank Statement, Letter from current landlord & 4 Recent Paystubs are required to complete application process

- Applications are reviewed and approved within 1-2 business days

- Once approved clients are required to sign lease and submit all necessary funds 

- Renters are required to provide 3 payments: 1st month's rent, 1st months security deposit, & Broker Fee


   Price Ranges For Apartments 

  • Single Room: $600-$1,000

  • Studio: $1,400-$1,800

  • One Bedroom: $1,600-$2,200

  • Two Bedroom: $2,300-$2,900

  • Three Bedroom: $3,000+

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Renting: Renting

Approval Requirements

Approval for rentals differ depending on management company and/or landlord. Listed below are the general requirements for approval:

Pay-stubs: 4 most recent paystubs are required to show proof of income.

- Tax Return: Most landlords and management companies requires the previous years tax return (1040), renters should have this document available as it is required to complete application process

- Co-signers: A co-signer is required for a renter who does not meet all the requirements to rent a residence. All co-signers must sign on behalf of the renter. Co-signers must submit credit report, state ID, pay-stubs, social security and tax return. 

Renting: Renting
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